VW Golf 7 fix mirror glass after dropped from the support

Volkswagen Golf MK7 VII year 2012-2019 how to fix/repair heated mirror glass after he fell from the plastic support.

The best way is to change the plate with a new mirror glass, which already comes attached to this support. If you were lucky and the glass didn’t break you can stick it with glue that withstands high and low temperatures.  On Golf 7 I noticed that the mirror on the left side comes off first after a while will also come off the right.

If you want to buy it these are the original and aftermarket codes:

Left side aspherical: OE 4060G01 or 5G0857521, and for OEM 95 45 37-81 Johns, 5766837 Van Wezel, 7226,730,1 Binder, 6471138 Alkar, 4060G03 Abakus.

Right side convex: OE 5G0857522, and OEM 95 45 38-81 Johns, 5766838 Van Wezel, 7226,731,1 Binder, 6432138 Alkar, 4060G04 Abakus.

Mirror glass dimensions, length measured on the center 15.7 cm and height measured inwards the highest part 11.1 cm.

For this model, there are also mirrors with lane assist/blind spot assistant, an LED lights up on the glass that warns you not to change course.

Volkswagen Golf mk7 mirror heated glass replacement DIY.


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