Reset service light Volvo XC90 2002-2014

How to reset service light indicator ona a Volvo XC90 made between year 2002 and 2014.

Get in the car and make sure all doors are closed.

Second step is to turn ignition key to position I.

Press and hold button encircled in red from below image.

Reset service light volvo xc90 2002-2014

Right away turn the key to position II.

Still keep the button from the picture pressed down until trip meter is reset to zero.


Attention! If the trip meter was allready reset, follow this procedure:

Hold this button, see below image it is indicated by a blue arrow. And do not let go for about 15 seconds until precedent trip meter reading is shown.


Push and hold the same button until trip meter is reset to 0.


Note: for Volvo XC 90 made after year 2003 a yellow warning light (see beelow picture with this indicator) will illuminate when is time to release the button (see it bellow second image indicated by a red circle).



Now the most important thing you need to do is to eliberat the button in less than 3 seconds, then you will hear a beep sound when the reset is finished.

If the button is not released within 3 seconds, the service inspection light on your Volvo XC90 will not reset.

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