Turn off the maintenance spanner indicator Fiat Ulysse

How to reset the key service light indicator on a Fiat Ulysse.

Scheduled maintenance indicator.

The maintenance indicator uses warning lamp A and kilometre counter B to indicate when oil and oil filter are to be replaced in accordance with the service schedule. To keep the warranty valid, go to a Fiat Dealership (see also the “Car maintenance” chapter).

Reset oil service light Fiat Ulysse

Important! Any anomalies should be reported to your Fiat Dealership immediately without waiting for the next servicing coupon to be carried out.

A – Maintenance warning lamp.
B – Kilometre counter.
C – Configuration and reset button.


When the key is turned to M, warning lamp A will light up for some seconds and the kilometre counter B will display the number of kilometres (rounded down) still to be travelled before the next servicing is due. After this period the engine oil level (for versions/markets, where provided) will be automatically displayed and then the total kilometres travelled will be displayed as well;

  • maintenance due after 2000 km until the maintenance deadline: when the key is turned to M, warning lamp A will light up and the kilometre counter B will display the number of kilometres (rounded down) still to be travelled before the next servicing is due. After some seconds the warning lamp will remain lit and the total travelled kilometres will be displayed;
  • maintenance overdue: when the key is turned to M, warning lamp A will flash for some seconds and the number of kilometres over the maintenance limit will be displayed; after this period the warning lamp will remain lit and the total travelled kilometres will be displayed.

If, after about 12 months, the kilometres indicated in the Service Schedule have not been reached yet, when the key is turned to M, warning lamp A will light up and the kilometre counter will show 0 km. In this case contact a Fiat Dealership.

Configuration procedure.

If the vehicle is used in particularly difficult conditions, you are recommended to reset the system and reduce the maintenance frequency from 30,000 to 20,000 km.

Reset oil warning light Fiat Ulysse

To alter the maintenance frequency:

  • turn the key to M;
  • press button C and keep it pressed, so the number of kilometres still remaining or already passed since the scheduled servicing will flash;
  • release the button immediately to display the preset maintenance frequency;
  • a repeated press on button C will change the maintenance frequency to the one required:

30,000 km (recommended in normal use conditions);

20,000 km (recommended in severe use conditions);

  • when the selected maintenance frequency is displayed, press button Cfor 10 seconds (the maintenance frequency selected will flash for 10 seconds);
  • release the button to confirm as soon as the display stops flashing.

To reset the key service light indicator on a Fiat Ulysse.

Reset oil maintenance Fiat Ulysse

  1. turn the ignition key to S;
  2. press and keep button C pressed;
  3. turn the key to M;
  4. press and keep button C pressed for around 10 seconds so that the maintenance indicator starts progressive resetting until = 0 will be displayed;
  5. release button C and warning lamp A will go off to confirm successful resetting.

A Fiat Dealership will reset the maintenance indicator after each control carried out.

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