Turn off airbag indicator Ford Mustang

How to reset airbag warning light on a Ford Mustang. To know what is the problem on your car you must count how many times the air bag lamp is flashing.

In this tutorial I am gone teach you how to turn off the airbag light when this is blink at first 5 time and then after a 2 second pause will blink 2 times. That mens you have a problem on “passenger safety belt buckle switch resistance out of range”.

Turn off airbag lamp Ford Mustang

Now look under the box next to gearbox for this connector, see below picture, has two wire, one is black and the second one is brown.


Reset airbag warning light Ford Mustang

To reset the light take a paper clip and connect with this for about 5 seconds the tow wires from the plug until you hear the car beep.

This is the fool procedure how to turn off the airbag warning light on your Ford Mustang. If you have eny question please leave us a comment and our mechanic will answer you in no time. 


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  1. Robert Shields

    Im getting a code of 44 in my 92 mustang from the air bag . Can anyone help me to turn it off.

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