Turn off airbag indicator Ford Escort

How to reset airbag fault flashing light on your Ford Escort. Now i am gone tell you what it means when the light is flashing for one, two or thre times.

Reset airbag indicator Ford Escort

If it flashing one time the car has a problem with the drivers air bag.

If will blink twice there is a fault with the passengers air bag.

Four times there is a problem with the seat belt pretensioners.

Five times there is a fault with the drivers side air bag.

Six times there is a fault with the passengers side air bag.

Flashes constantly there is a issue with the airbag clock spring.

If the light is always on the problem is on the airbag module.

The most common airbag fault is: the light blink 4 times see abow what means that, with the engine and ignition off, disconnect the pre-tensioners yellow plug which are usually positioned near the seats see below picture. Wait a few minutes and then reconnect the connector. What happens is sometimes the circuit get a spike and illuminates the light, disconnecting then resets the system and the light goes out.

Ford Escort pretensioners yellow connectors

This can happen at Mondea MK2, Fiesta or Focus. If you have any question do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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