Reset the trip computer data Volvo C30

How to reset trip meter computer and odometer display on a Volvo C30. Made between : 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Trip computer:

Reset the odometer display Volvo C30

  1. READ – confirms.
  2. Thumbwheel – browse between menus and options in the trip computer list.
  3. RESET – resets.

To scroll through trip computer information turn the thumbwheel either up or down in steps. Continue turning to return to the starting point.

If a warning message interrupts while you are using the trip computer, this message must be acknowledged. Acknowledge by pressing the READ button and revert to the trip computer function.


The trip computer displays the following information:

  • –.- L/100 KM AVERAGE
  • DSTC ON 

Average speed.

When the ignition is switched off, the average speed is stored and used as the basis of the new value when you continue driving. Reset using the RESET button.


Current fuel consumption is calculated every second. The information on the display is updated every couple of seconds. When the car is stationary, “–.-” appears on the display. During the period for regeneration4 fuel consumption may increase.


The average fuel consumption is stored when the ignition is switched off and remains until the function is reset. Reset using the RESET button.

There may be a slight error in the reading if a fuel-driven heater is used.

Kilometres to empty tank.

The range to empty is calculated based on the average fuel consumption over the last 30 km. No guaranteed range remains when the display shows “— KILOMETRES TO EMPTY TANK “. Refuel as soon as possible.

There may be a slight error in the reading if fuel consumption is changed due to a change in driving style or if a fuel-driven heater is used for example.

MPH actual speed.

Current speed is displayed in mph.


  1. Select — KM/H AVERAGE SPEED or –.- L/100 KM AVERAGE
  2. Reset with one press on the RESET button. Press and hold the RESET button for at least five seconds to reset the average speed and average consumption at the same time.


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