Change mirror glass Toyota CHR C-HR IZOA

Toyota C-HR IZOA change mirror glass 2222000288 & 2122001005

Toyota C-HR or IZOA how to change heated and electrical mirror glass manufacturer part number left 2222000288 and right 2122001005 step by step.

Outher MPN: 

Toyota left 87961-F4010 and right 87931-F4010.

Alkar left 6431304 and right 6432304.

VAN WEZEL left 5407837 and right 5407838.

TYC left 336-0088-1 and right 336-0087-1.

Blic left 6102-02-1907591P and right 6102-02-1907592P.

Prasaco left TY7007514 and right TY7007513.

Change mirror glass Toyota CHR C-HR IZOA

  1. The first step is to put a finger behind the glass and press on it until the mirror will come out.
  2. Behind the mirror glass, 2 wires are connected, they use for heating.
  3. Remove the two wires without remembering which is on the left and which is on the right, it is a simple circuit.
  4. Reconnect the wires on the new mirror glass.
  5. Position the mirror as in the video and then press on it until is fixed.

Video tutorials on how to replace Toyota C-HR mirror glass.

To better understand the catching system and what is behind it mirror glass below you have a video with the round base from the principal mirror and how the glass is mounted.

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