Stability and traction control system Volvo C30

The stability and traction control system, DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) Volvo C30.

Helps the driver to avoid skidding and improves the car’s traction. A pulsing sound may be noticed during braking or acceleration when the system is in action. The car may accelerate slower than expected when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

Active Yaw Control. The function limits the driving and brake force of the wheels individually in order to stabilise the car.

Spin Control. The function prevents the driving wheels from spinning against the road surface during acceleration.

Traction control system. The function is active at low speed and transfers power from the driving wheel that is spinning to the one that is not.

DSTC Volvo C30

  1. Thumbwheel.
  2. RESETbutton.

The stability system is activated automatically each time the car is started. System operation during skidding and acceleration can be partially deactivated. Operation during skidding is then delayed and so allows more skidding which provides greater freedom for dynamic driving. Traction in deep snow or sand is improved at the same time as acceleration is no longer limited.


  1. Turn the thumbwheel until the DSTC menu appears. DSTC ON means that the system function is unchanged. DSTC SPIN CONTROL OFF means that system operation is reduced.
  2. Press and hold the RESET button until the DSTC menu is changed. The system remains reduced until the driver reactivates it or until the engine is switched off – after the engine is started the next time DSTC is back in its normal mode again.

Suppressing system function may alter the driving characteristics of the car.

DSTC ON is shown for several seconds on the display each time the engine is started.

Messages on the information display.

TRACTION CONTROL TEMPORARILY OFF means that the system has been temporarily reduced due to excessive brake temperature.

  • The function is reactivated automatically when the brakes have cooled.

ANTI-SKID SERVICE REQUIRED system disabled due to a fault.

  • Stop the car in a safe place and turn off the engine.
  • If the message remains when the engine is restarted, drive to a workshop. An authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Symbols in the combined instrument panel.

Symbols in the combined instrument Volvo C30

If the symbols Dashboard i symbol Volvo C30 and Dashboard DSTC symbol Volvo C30 are displayed at the same time: Read the message on the information display. If the symbol Dashboard DSTC symbol Volvo C30 appears alone then it may appear as follows:

  • Flashing light means that the DSTC system is now being activated.
  • Constant glow for two seconds means system check when the engine is started.
  • Constant glow after starting the engine or while driving means that there is a fault in the DSTC system.


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