Skoda Fabia second generation mirrors

Skoda Fabia Mk2 how to fix broken or detached mirror glass

Skoda Fabia Mk2 made between the year 2006-2014, how to fix broken mirror glass or how to change mirror black panel after glass come off.

For this model are two types of mirrors, electric with heated glass, or mechanic with non-heated mirrors.

If you are from a country where the driver side is on left then the mirror from the left is aspherical and the one from the right is convex if the driver side is on the right like in the UK then the mirrors are reversed.

Video tutorial how to replace black plastic panel after glass fell off.

If your car has electric mirrors with heated glasses here is another tutorial on how to take off the glass and change it.

If you want to buy one of the glass mirrors left or right, heated or nonheated down you have some codes, original and aftermarket:

  • left heated: 5J0857521M Skoda, 7627837 Van Wezel, 71 02 37-81 Johns, 7806127 Diederichs.
  • right heated: 5J0857522M Skoda, 7627838 Van Wezel, 71 02 38-81 Johns, 7806126 Diederichs.
  • left non-heated: 5J0857521H Skoda, 7627831 Van Wezel.
  • right non-heated: 5J0857522H Skoda, 7627832 Van Wezel.

And for right driver side for countries like the UK, Japan, Australia, India etc.

  • left heated: 6482559 Alkar.
  • right heated: 6472559 Alkar.
  • left non-heated: 6401559 Alkar.
  • right non-hetead: 6432559 Alkar.

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