Setting the timer Volvo C30

How to reset the timer andĀ schedule on a Volvo C30.

The time when the car shall be used and heated is specified with the timer.

Select between TIMER 1 and TIMER 2.

Scroll with the thumbwheel to PARK HEAT TIMER 1.

  1. Briefly press the RESET button so that the hours setting starts to flash.
  2. Select the required hour using the thumbwheel.
  3. Briefly press RESET to move to the flashing minutes setting.
  4. Select the required minute using the thumbwheel.
  5. Briefly press RESET to confirm the setting.
  6. Press RESET to activate the timer.

After setting TIMER 1 a second start time can be programmed with TIMER 2 by scrolling with the thumbwheel.

Set the alternative time in the same way as TIMER 1.

Deactivating a timer-started heater A timer-started heater can be switched off manually before the set time has elapsed. Proceed as follows:

  1. Press the READ button.
  2. Use the thumbwheel to scroll to the text PARK HEAT TIMER 1 or PARK HEAT TIMERĀ 2. The text ON flashes on the display.
  3. Press RESET. The text OFF is shown with a constant glow and the heater is switched OFF.

A timer-started heater can be switched off in accordance with the instructions in the section “Direct start and immediate stop”.

Clock/timer. The heater’s time is connected to the car’s clock.

All timer programming will be cleared if the car’s clock is reset.

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