Reset VW Arteon oil change service indicator

How to reset VW Arteon maintenance service light indicators for cars made in the year 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. The procedure works no matter what engine you have on the car 1.5 or 2.0 l.

On your car dashboard between the speedometer and tachometer you hav1 1 button with “0.0” on it. Using this button will reset oil service light VW Arteon.

Reset VW Arteon OIL service light

  1. Go in the car and close the door.
  2. The manual gearbox must be in neutral or if you have automatic the gearbox must be in P mode.
  3. Press and hold the “0.0” button. See below picture.
  4. Turn off service indicator VW Arteon
  5. Turn ignition on, without starting the engine.
  6. When on the display will appear “reset oil change service” or “reset service indicator” you can release the button “0.0” .
  7. Now, very fast you must press again on the button “0.0” and release it immediately.
  8. Done, the service indicator is reset.

This procedure must be done after changing the engine oil and filters. 

If you want to know the engine oil capacity, gearbox oil capacity, viscosity etc. for your car you cand find this information on .

Engine oil capacity for Arteon 1.5 l petrol motor cod DADA is 4.3 litres.

Engine oil capacity for Arteon 2.0 l petrol motor cod CZPB, DKZA, DJHC is 5.7 litres.

Engine oil capacity for Arteon 2.0 l diesel motor cod DFGA, DBGA, DFHA is 4.7 litres.

Engine oil capacity for Arteon 2.0 l diesel motor cod CUAA is 4.9 litres.


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