Reset VSC warning light indicator Toyota Rav4

Reset VSC warning light indicator Toyota Rav4, second generation XA20 and third generation XA30. From year: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

How to reset VSC warning light indicator Toyota Rav4, 2 generation XA20 and 3 generation XA30.

The light warns that there is a problem somewhere in the following.

  • Enhanced vehicle stability control system.
  • Traction control system.
  • “AUTO LSD” system.
  • Downhill assist control system.
  • Hill−start assist control system.

The light will come on when the engine switch is turned to the “ON” position and will go off after a few seconds.

If the light comes on while driving, all the above systems will not work. In such a case, the brakes will operate when applied (no electronic assistance will be available), and it will be possible to continue driving the vehicle.

In the following cases, contact your Toyota dealer:

  • The warning light does not come on after the engine switch is turned to the “ON” position.
  • The warning light remains on after the engine switch is turned to the “ON” position.
  • The warning light comes on while driving.

All information how to reset VSC warning light is taken from Toyota Rav 4 owners manual.


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9 thoughts on “Reset VSC warning light indicator Toyota Rav4”

    1. If you have on the ABS warning light you must change the sensor and the indicator will go off.

  1. Vasil Petani

    RAV4 2010, how to reset check VSC system, check engine system, check 4×4 system?

    1. This is not good, you must see why all warning light is on, I suggest to contact your Toyota dealer.

    1. Hello, at first you must find why the “AUTO LSD” light is on, can be: mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, some problems with traction control etc. After you found the problem change tha part and the light will go off.

  2. Took my RAV4 in for a standard oil change. No problems whatsoever with the car. Then driving home, the LSD light and check engine lights come on and stay on. Feels a bit fishy. Any ideas for an explanation for this?

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