Reset trip odometer Fiat 500

Reset trip odometer Fiat 500. From year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Fiat 500 odometer / trip odometer / electronic vehicle information center (EVIC) display area.

This display indicates the total distance the vehicle has been driven. U.S. Federal regulations require that upon transfer of vehicle ownership, the seller certify to the purchaser the correct mileage that the vehicle has been driven. If your odometer needs to be repaired or serviced, the repair technician should leave the odometer reading the same as it was before the repair or service. If s/he cannot do so, then the odometer must be set at zero, and a sticker must be placed in the door jamb stating what the mileage was before the repair or service. It is a good idea for you to make a record of the odometer reading before the repair/ service, so that you can be sure that it is properly reset, or that the door jamb sticker is accurate if the odometer must be reset at zero.

If the vehicle is equipped with the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) in the instrument cluster, all warnings including “door” and “gate” and “Change Engine Oil” will only be displayed in the EVIC display. For additional information, refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).” Refer to the “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)” for further information.


The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) features a driver-interactive display that is located in the instrument cluster.

Reset trip odometer meter Fiat 500

All information they are taken from Fiat 500 owners manual.

The TRIP button, located on the right steering column stalk, can be used to display and to reset the previously described values.

A short button press displays the different values.

A long button press resets the system and then starts a new trip.

New trip.

To reset:

Press and hold the TRIP button to reset the system 

When the “Trip distance” reaches 9999.9 miles or kilometers or when the “Travel time” reaches 99.59 (99 hours and 59 minutes), the system is reset automatically.

Disconnecting/Reconnecting the battery resets the system.

If the reset operation occurs in the presence of the screens concerning Trip A or Trip B, only the information associated with Trip A or Trip B functions will be reset.

Start of trip procedure.

With the ignition on, press and hold the TRIP button for over one second to reset.


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