Reset trip meter Fiat Seicento

How to reset trip meter on a Fiat Sedici.

Instrument panel.

Instrument panel Fiat Sedici


A. Clock setting button

B. Speedometer

C. Fuel level gauge

D. Trip meter reset button

E. Kilometre or mileage counter

F. Clock.

Speedometer counter fig.19

A – Kilometre counter.

B – Speedometer.

C – Trip meter reset button. Press to reset fig. 20.

Instruments Fiat Seidici

Press briefly = switch from kilometre counter to trip meter and vice versa. Press longer = reset trip meter. 

D – Kilometre counter display fig. 20.

Fuel level gauge.

When the reserve warning light comes on A-fig. 21 there are still about 7 litres of fuel in the tank.

E – tank empty.

F – tank full (see the indications given in paragraph “At the filling station”).

Do not travel with the fuel tank almost empty: the gaps in fuel delivery could damage the catalyser.


B-fig. 22 Clock display.

To adjust the time press A-fig. 22.

The clock will advance by one unit each time the button is pressed. Press the button and hold it down for a few seconds to rapidly advance the time automatically. When the clock draws near to the correct time, release the button and complete the regulation manually.

Cut-off switch on display fig.23


The display shown appears automatically when the inertial fuel cut-off switch cuts in, following a crash of a certain magnitude. The switch shuts off the supply of fuel.

See the description in the CONTROLS paragraph under INERTIAL FUEL CUT-OFF SWITCH.

If after the display of the message the smell of fuel or leaks from the supply system are noted,do not re-engage the switch to avoid the risk of fire.

Clock and CUT-OFF SWITCH ON Fiat Sedici


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