Reset trip computer Fiat Panda

Trip computer where provided Fiat Panda.

The “Trip computer” is provided on cars fitted with multifunction display or reconfigurable multifunction display. The “Trip computer” displays information (with ignition key at MAR) relating to the operating status of the car. This function comprises the “General trip” concerning the “complete mission” of the car (journey) and “Trip B”, (only available on reconfigurable multifunction display), concerning the partial mission of the car; this latter function (as shown in fig. 31) is “contained” within the complete mission.

Both functions are resettable (reset – start of new mission).

“General Trip” displays the figures relating to:

  • Range to empty (where provided).
  • Trip distance.
  • Average consumption (where provided).
  • Instant consumption (where provided).
  • Average speed.
  • Trip time (driving time).

“Trip B” (only available on reconfigurable multifunction display), displays the figures relating to:

  • Trip distance B.
  • Average consumption B (where provided).
  • Average speed B.
  • Trip time B (driving time).

The “Trip B” function can be excluded (see paragraph “Trip B On/Off”). “Range to empty” cannot be reset.

Values displayed.

Range to empty (where provided) This value shows the distance in km (or mi) that the car can still cover before needing fuel, assuming that driving conditions are kept unvaried. The display will show “—-” in the following cases:

  • value lower than 50 km (or 30 mi)
  • car left parked with engine running for long.

Trip distance Fiat Panda.

This value shows the distance covered from the start of the new mission.

Average consumption (where provided).

This value shows the average consumption from the start of the new mission.

Instant consumption (where provided).

This value shows instant fuel consumption (this value is updated second by second). If parking the car with engine on,  the display will show “—-”.

Average speed.

This value shows the car average speed as a function of the overall time elapsed since the start of the new mission.

Trip time.

This value shows the time elapsed since the start of the new mission.

Important Lacking information, Trip computer values are displayed with “—-”. When normal operating condition is reset, calculation of different units will restart regularly. Values displayed before the failure will not be reset.

TRIP button fig. 30

Button TRIP, set on the top of the right steering column stalk, shall be used (with ignition key at MAR) to display and to reset the previously described values to start a new mission:

  • short push to display the different values.
  • long push to reset and then start a new mission.

New mission.

New mission starts after:

  • “manual” resetting by the user, by pressing the relevant button;
  • “automatic” resetting, when the “Trip distance” reaches 3999.9 km or 9999.9 km (according to the type of display) or when the “Trip time” reaches 99.59 (99 hours and 59 minutes);
  • after disconnecting/reconnecting the battery.

Trip computer where provided Fiat Panda

Important the reset operation in the presence of the screens concerning the “General Trip” makes it possible to reset also the “Trip B”. The reset operation in the presence of the screens concerning only the “Trip B” makes it possible to reset only the information associated with this function.

Start of journey procedure.

With ignition key at MAR, press and keep button TRIP pressed for over 2 seconds to reset.

Exit Trip.

To quit the Trip function: keep button MODE pressed for over 2 seconds.


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