Reset trip computer Fiat Fiorino

Reset trip computer Fiat Fiorino. From year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

How to reset trip computer Fiat Fiorino.

The “Trip computer” is used to display information on vehicle operation when the key is turned to MAR. This function allows to define two separate trips called “ Trip A ” and “ Trip B ” for monitoring the  “ complete mission ” of the vehicle ( trip ) in a reciprocally independent manner. Both functions are resettable ( reset – start of new mission ).

“ Trip A ” is used to display data relating to:

  • Range.
  • Trip distance.
  • Average consumption.
  • Instant consumption
  • Average speed
  • Travel time (driving time).

“Trip B” is supplied on versions having a multifunctional display and is used to display data relating to:

  • Trip distance B.
  • Average consumption B.
  • Average speed B.
  • Travel time B (driving time).

Note “ Trip B ” functions may be disabled ( see paragraph “ Trip B on ”). “ Range ” and “ Instant consumption ” cannot be reset.

Values displayed.


Indicates the travel distance left before the vehicle runs out of the fuel in the tank. The message “—-” will appear on the display in the following cases:

  • value lower than 50 km (or 30 mi).
  • vehicle left parked with engine running for long.

IMPORTANT Changes of the range value can be affected by many factors: driving style (see paragraph “Driving style” in section “Starting and driving”), type of route (motorway, urban cycle, mountain roads, etc…), conditions of use of the vehicle (load, tyre pressure, etc…). Trip planning must take into account the above notes.

Trip distance.

Indicates the distance covered from the start of a new mission.

Average consumption.

Represents the approximate average consumption from the start of a new mission.

Instant consumption

Indicates the fuel consumption. The value is constantly updated. The message  “—-” will appear on the display if the vehicle is parked with the engine running.

Average speed

Represents the vehicle average speed as a function of the overall time elapsed since the start of a new mission.

Trip time

Indicates the time elapsed since the start of a new mission.

IMPORTANT If information is not available, the message “—-” will appear instead of the Trip Computer values. Counting of the different values will be resumed regularly when normal operation is restored. This will not cause any resetting of the values displayed before the failure nor starting a new mission.

Reset trip computer Fiat Fiorino

TRIP control button fig. 19

Button TRIP located on the top of the right steering column stalk is used (with ignition key at MAR) to display and reset the previously described values to start a new mission:

  • short pressing to display the different values;
  • prolonged pressing to reset and then start a new mission.

New mission

The new mission begins after:

  • “manual” resetting by the user, by pressing the relevant button;
  • “automatic” resetting, when the “Trip distance” reaches 3999.9 km or 9999.9 km (according to the type of display) or when the “Trip time” reaches 99.59 (99 hours and 59 minutes);
  • disconnection/reconnection of the battery.

IMPORTANT Value resetting from the screens of “Trip A” makes it possible to exclusively reset the data regarding this function.

IMPORTANT Value resetting from the screens of “Trip B” makes it possible to exclusively reset the data regarding this function.

“Start trip” procedure.

With ignition key on MAR, press and hold button TRIP pressed for over 2 seconds to reset.

Exit Trip.

To exit the Trip function: hold MENU ESC pressed for longer than 2 seconds.

All information how to reset trip computer is taken from Fiat Fiorino owners manual.


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