Reset the trip computer data Fiat Ulysse

How to reset trip meter computer and odometer display on a Fiat Ulysse.

Multifinction display with sound system controls see below picture.

Fiat Ulysse multifinction display with sound system controls

A – button for opening the main menu.

B – buttons for surfing the main menu.

C – button for confirming the selected function or for confirming set values.

D – button for canceling the function / going back to previous screen.

E – button for selecting the type of information displayed on the right side of the screen (date, radio – CD, trip computer).

Main menu!

Press button A to open the main menu and to display the following functions:

  • Radio/CD (see the corresponding functions on the attached “Sound System” Supplement);
  • Trip computer: to display info concerning: range, instant consumption, distance covered, average consumption, average speed, distance to destination; to display also info concerning: automatic light turning on, ESP, rain sensor.

To reset the trip computer data, keep pressed the button set at the end of the right stalk fig. 79b;

Reset the trip computer data Fiat Ulysse

Personal/set-up menu: to activate/deactivate electric rear wheel lock, to activate/deactivate rear window wiper, to activate/deactivate automatic light turning on and to set date, clock, display brightness, units and language.

Odometer display.

This instrument displays the following values:

on the upper line: partial kilometres and engine oil level gauge (for versions/markets, where provided).

on the lower line:total kilometres and programmed maintenance indicator; versions with automatic gear are also fitted with engaged gear indicator (for further details see the chapter “Automatic gear”).

Trip kilometre counter fig. 80

Press button A to display the trip kilometres. Keep it pressed to reset.

Reset odometer display Fiat Ulysse

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