Reset the dial gauge to zero Fiat Marea

Reset the dial gauge to zero Fiat Marea. Product between : 1996 and 2007.

Loosen the retaining screw (1) (only if  pump and pulley are fitted without a key), fit spacer (2) and tighten bolt (1).

Fit retaining plate using the two retaining bolts.

Release the injection pump drive pulley by unscrewing the bolts positioned previously and remove tool 1860905000. Turn the crankshaft through two turns in its normal direction of rotation, release the tensioner retaining bolt and align the fixed indicator (1) on the tensioner mount with the mobile tensioner indicator (2). Screw in the tensioner nut and tighten to the specified torque.

Remove the cap on the pump cover and tighten tool 1865090000 with dial gauge and probe in contact with the distributor plunger. Turn the engine against its normal direction of rotation until the distributor plunger reaches B.D.C. as shown on the dial gauge. Reset the dial gauge to zero in this position. Turn the engine in its direction of operation until engine piston no. 1 is set to T.D.C. (this can be checked using notches on the distributor pulley). In this position, check that distributor stroke is 0.92 mm. If stroke is not 0.92 mm, turn the pump case in its slot until the dial gauge shows the correct value. Then tighten the bolts retaining the pump to the mount.


Reset the dial gauge to zero Fiat Marea


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