Reset SRS airbag warning light BMW 6 Series E63

Reset SRS airbag indicator BMW 6 Series E63. Hear are the tips how to succeed to reset this warning light using a special scan tool and OBD II code.

In this tutorial will gone show you hot to reset the air bag lamp for you E63 the procedure it woking for BMW 630i, 635 d, 645 Ci, 650 ci and M6.

Turn off SRS airbag indicator BMW 6 Series E63

At first you need a diagnostic tool i use a iCarsoft which is BMW and Mini system scanner.

Fist step is to enter in to the menu and go to diagnose and pres ok button. Then go to 6 Series and you can choose between models E63 / E64 or F12 / F13. 

Next step it’s body and then go to SRS Air Bag and pres ok, at first you must see why this indicator is on and you can do that by pressing ok to read trouble code, in most cases the airbg lamp it’s on when the car has problems with belt tensioner, front passenger.

Delete SRS air bag lamp BMW 6 Series E63

That mens you have a damaged wire or jack under the passenger seat it is broken. 

Check and solve this problem and then you can turn off the airbag sign which is located on you dash on the left side of the service engine soon light. To do this you must go through all the steps and after you pass the “SRS Air Bag” menu on your BMW 6 Series E63 press erase trouble code.

Reset SRS airbag indicator BMW E63

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