Reset SRS airbag light Skoda Octavia Mk1 1996-2011

Reset SRS airbag light Skoda Octavia first generation and also valid for Octavia Tour. Manufactured between 1996 and 2011.

Hear are the tips how to succeed to reset this warning light using a special scan tool and OBD II code.

Reset SRS airbag warning light Skoda Octavia Tour


At first you must check why your air bag light is on, to do this connects the diagnostic tool to your car and then go to control units, -> body and then scroll down to the meniu MRS multiple restrant system or SRS and press ok button. Now go to read the codes and find what/where the problem is. See below picture.

Tips to reset airbag indicator Skoda Octavia I using maxidiag elite


 If the car didn’t suffered an accident, most often the problem can be found on seat occupancy detector or belt tensioner , front passager seat. Now you must chek that and the problem can be a loose connection. After you solved the problem and the airbag indicator it is still on now you can reset the light using the maxidiag elite.

Follow the above steps and after you proced the “MRS multiple restrant system go to erase code and press ok.

Steps to erase SRS airbag indicator Skoda Octavia Mk1


On the display will appear “DTCs and freeze data will be lost. Do you wish to continue? ” Establishing vehicle communication, erase code command sent. Perfom read codes function to verify.


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