Reset service light indicator Skoda Superb B5 (3U)

Reset service light indicator Skoda Superb B5 (3U). From year: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

How to reset service light indicator Skoda Superb.

  1. Get in the car, put the key in the ignition ensure that all doors are closed.
  2. Push and hold right button on the dashboard.
  3. Switch the ignition to on.
  4. Release, right button.
  5. Now turn in clockwise direction the button situated on the left of the dashboard.


That it is the full procedure how to reset service light indicator Skoda Superb B5 (3U). If you like to reset any maintenance oil light after an oil change. Or reset check engine light, airbag light, inspection key or insp errors when maint reqd, for Skoda cars. Or any warning light for service reminder which appears on the display. Write in the search box the car name for which you want to find information, and find how to reset other service reminders by yourself.

This is an information site where you can solve your car problems. Send us a comment if our procedures are correctly. If you would have anything to add, for us every opinion counts.

Click hear to see full procedure how do you reset the oil light indicator. How to reset the maintenance light and how do you reset service light for all Skoda vehicles.

2 thoughts on “Reset service light indicator Skoda Superb B5 (3U)”

  1. Hi i own a Skoda Superb 2002-2003 model. I have a couple of warning lights showing up like airbag, service due. This is probabbly a software glitch coz i tried to jump start my car. Please tell me how to reset the sensors of my car. I tried replugging the battery didnt help.


    1. To reset the service due on your Skoda Superb please please follow the above steps and you will succeed. So I can answer your next question please tell me why the air bag light on your car is on ?

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