Reset service light indicator Renault Scenic

Reset service light indicator Renault Scenic. How to reset maintenance light, reset oil service light. Can be made manually by use button on car dash board.

How to reset service light indicator Renault Scenic.

  1. Turn ignition ON, do not start the vehicle.
  2. Scroll through the trip computer using the button on the end of the right hand stalk control until you get to the miles till service indicator, or the change oil soon warning message will showing on the screen.
  3. Then depress & hold the same button in and hold down.
  4. The miles indicator will then flash then change to 18000 or how you have set the distance to the next service, keep the button depressed until the 18000 stops flashing.
  5. NOTE. If the word Service appears on your dashboard then that does.
  6. Not mean that a service is due. It is an indication that the car is faulty and has a stored major fault code.
  7. The indicator that a Service is due is when the words change oil soon appears or the spanner starts flashing.


That it is the full procedure how to reset service light indicator Renault Scenic. If you like to reset any maintenance oil light after an oil change. Or reset check engine light, airbag light, inspection key or insp errors when maint reqd, for Renault cars. Or any warning light for service reminder which appears on the display. Write in the search box the car name for which you want to find information, and find how to reset other service reminders when by yourself.

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Click hear to see full procedure how do you reset the oil light indicator. How to reset the maintenance light and how do you reset service light for all Renault vehicles.

2 thoughts on “Reset service light indicator Renault Scenic”

  1. Thank you for the most useful however my renault scenic displays check airbag message in the display together with the service message . The message appeared after I washed the car . How do I fix this as I don’t want go the dealer first since they are very expensive even just fos diagnostics .

    1. Hi Aldricht for airbag light on your Renault Scenic look under the front seats and find the multiplug connectors, check and see if they are connected then turn on your Renault and problem should be repaired. They are the plugs for the seatbelt preten system and are linked into the airbag system, it’s a common problem.

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