Reset service light indicator Mercedes SLK 280

Reset service light indicator Mercedes SLK 280. From years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

How to reset service light indicator Mercedes SLK 280 (171.454).


Turn key to position 1.
With the display in the “default” normal driving position, (this should be speed or temperature) press the reset button three times really fast.
The display will now read the battery voltage.
Press down arrow once to get to service menu.
Press “-” (minus) three times until you highlight “confirmation”.
Page Down (key next to arrow down) to advance to the next menu.
You should see Confirm Full, Cancel Full, Cancel Items.
Turn ignition key to position 2 (I think you could do this anytime after step 4 above).
Press Page Down while Confirm Full Service is highlighted.
You should get a message confirming success.
Repeat Page Up (key next to up arrow) until you reach the standard display.
Start the engine.
Page up to the screen that normally says Service “X” in “NNNN” miles. It should read “Reading Data Please Wait”.
After 30 seconds or so it will read “Service “X” in 13000 miles.

You can also get to the service menu by holding the reset button down while the “Service “X” in “NNNN” miles” is displayed. But this seems to be a reduced function menu.


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