Reset service light indicator Fiat Idea

Reset service light indicator Fiat Idea. Manufactured in 2003 – 2012.

How to reset service spanner warning light Fiat Idea.

Scheduled servicing service Fiat Idea.

Reset service spanner warning light Fiat Idea

This function may be used to display information connected to proper car servicing in terms of kilometres or days.

This information can be consulted as follows:

  • briefly press button MODE: service in km or mi, according to previous setting, will be displayed (see paragraph “Units”);
  • press button + or – to set deadline in days;
  • briefly press button MODE to go back to the menu screen or hold the button pressed to go back to the standard screen.

Note The “Service Schedule” requires the car to be services every 20,000 km (or equivalent distance in miles) or once a year. This message will appear automatically with key at MARafter 2,000 km (or equivalent distance in miles) or 30 before the deadline and will appear every 200 km (or equivalent distance in miles) or 3 days.

The indications will appear more frequently where there are 200 km left. For 1.3 Multijet versions, refer to the “Service Schedule” in the “Maintenance and care” chapter for replacing the air cleaner, the engine oil and the engine oil filter. The indication will appear in kilometres or miles according to the settings. When the next scheduled service operation is approaching, the message “Service” will appear on the display followed by the number of kilometres or miles left when the key is turned to MAR. The “Service Schedule” information is provided with kilometres (km)/miles (mi) or days (dd), according to the deadline which appears first. Go to a Fiat Dealership where the “Scheduled Service” operations will be performed and the message will be reset.

Full procedura how to reset service light indicator is taken from Fiat Idea owners manual.

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