Reset seat belt reminder light Fiat Stilo

How to reset the S.B.R. system on a Fiat Stilo.

The car is fitted with the S.B.R. system (Seat Belt Reminder), consisting of a buzzer which, together with the blinking of warning light Reset S.B.R. light Fiat Fiorino on the instrument panel, warns the driver to fasten the seat belt.

The buzzer can be deactivated temporarily (until next engine stop) by the following procedure, to be carried out within 1 minute from turning the ignition key to MAR:

  • fasten the driver’s seat belt.
  • wait for over 20 seconds and then release the driver’s seat belt.

For permanent deactivation, contact Fiat Dealership. The S.B.R. system can only be reset through the set-up menu.

Seat belts not fastened (red).

The warning light turns on glowing steadily with car stationary and driver’s seat belt not fastened correctly. The warning light will turn on flashing together with the buzzer when, with car moving, the driver’s seat belt is not fastened correctly.

The S.B.R. (Seat Belt Reminder) buzzer can only be excluded by Fiat Dealership.

The system can be reactivated through the set-up menu.


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