Reset replace key battery message Saab 9-3

Reset replace key battery message Saab 9-3 first generation. From year: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.

How to reset replace key battery message Saab 9-3 first generation.

  1. Enter the key in the ignition and turn it until the lights on the dashboard go on, one position befor you start the engine.
  2. The replace key battery message light cannot be removed by pressing CLEAR button.
  3. To reset this warning light push the brake pedal to clear.

Reset replace key battery message Saab 9-3.

Changing the remote-control batteryWhen the battery voltage in the remote control falls below a predetermined level the SID will issue the following message: REPLACE KEY BATTERY. Press the CLEAR button on the SID to acknowledge this message. You must then replace the battery without delay to avoid malfunctions. The life of the battery is 4-5 years. After changing the battery you must press the unlocking button of the remote control four times (or until the door locks cycle) while the car is within the range of the remote control in order for the control module to recognize the remote.

Battery for remote control. The battery for the remote control will normally have a life of 4-5 years. When the battery needs changing, ”REPLACE KEY BATTERY” will appear on the SID. After fitting a new battery, press the unlock button on the remote ontrol at least four times in succession, so that the car alarm can recognize the signals from the transmitter. If the remote control has been exposed to very low temperatures, it may not function properly. If this happens, warm it in your hands for a few minutes. If the remote control is not working, it may be because the code signal has not been synchronized with that in the control module for the car alarm. To rectify this, press the unlock button on the remote control at least four times in quick succession. When it is recognized, the door locks will cycle.

Reset replace key battery message Saab 9-3.

All information how to reset replace key battery message on a Saab 9-3 is taken from Saab owners manual.


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    1. First of all, you need to know what caused the check engine light message, after that repair/replace the damaged part and the error will disappear.

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