Turn of OEL or OIL service light Volkswagen Beetle

Reset OEL or OIL service light VW Beetle year 1998 and 1999

How to reset OEL or OIL maintenance service light on a Volkswagen Beetle made in the year 1998 and 1999.

If your dashboard looks like in this picture follow our steps and you will succeed to turn off OIL service indicator.

Turn of OEL or OIL service light Volkswagen Beetle

On the dashboard between the clock that indicates the fuel level and the one that indicates the tachometer you have a button, we will call it Button 1.

  1. Get in the car and close the door.
  2. Push and hold down the Button 1, see below picture.
  3. Reset OEL and OIL indicator VW Beetle
  4. Turn ignition ON, without starting the engine.
  5. The message OEL or OIL will be displayed on the dashboard center monitor.
  6. Reset Beetle maintenance light
  7. Let go of the Button 1.
  8. Press fast and release the Button 1.
  9. The message INSP will be displayed on the monitor.
  10. Reset Beetle service light
  11. Push and hold Button 1 until on the monitor will displayed “- – – -” these characters.
  12. Reset Beetle service light
  13. You can let go of the Button 1.

If you have another car do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will tell you the procedure for your car.

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