Reset malfunction indicator lamp light Toyota Tacoma 2 generation

Reset malfunction indicator lamp light Toyota Tacoma 2 generation. From year: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

How to reset malfunction indicator lamp light Toyota Tacoma second generation.

This lamp comes on when the ignition key is turned to the “ON” position and goes off after the engine starts. This means that the warning light system is operating properly.

If the lamp remains on, or the lamp comes on while driving, first check the followings.

  • Empty fuel tank. If the fuel tank is empty, refuel immediately.
  • Loose fuel tank cap. If the fuel tank cap is loose, securely tighten it.

These cases are temporary malfunctions. The malfunction indicator lamp will go off after taking several driving trips. If the lamp does not go off even after several trips, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

If the fuel tank is not empty or the fuel tank cap is not loose.

There is a problem somewhere in the engine, emission control system, electronic throttle control system, automatic transmission electrical system or warning light system itself.

Contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible to service the vehicle. If engine speed does not increase when the accelerator pedal is depressed, there may be a problem somewhere in the electronic throttle control system.

At this time, vibration may occur. However, if you depress the accelerator pedal more firmly and slowly, you can drive your vehicle at low speeds. Have your vehicle checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. Even if the abnormality of the electronic throttle control system is corrected during low speed driving, the system may not be recovered until the engine is stopped and the ignition key is turned to “ACC” or “LOCK” position.

Be especially careful to prevent erroneous pedal operation.

Emissions Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs.

Your vehicle may not pass a state emission inspection if the malfunction indicator lamp remains on. Contact your Toyota dealer to check your vehicle’s emission control system and OBD (On−Board Diagnostics) system before taking your vehicle for the inspection.

All information how can you reset malfunction indicator lamp light is taken fron Toyota Tacoma 2 generation owners manual.


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2 thoughts on “Reset malfunction indicator lamp light Toyota Tacoma 2 generation”

  1. My 2007 Toyota Tacoma Check Engine light has been shown lately in my dashboard. I took the battery cables off once (it worked) and tightened the gas cap on another one, (this time I had to wait and check other things according to youtube. I hope you could help me on what to do on stopping this light for keep on coming on. I took the truck to Toyota once but I do not believe they know what to do about this problem. Please have someone contact me with some suggestions. Thank you

    1. The check engine indicator can indicate several aspects, the most common are: bad fuel with water in it, used spark plugs, problems with the induction coil, a lot of sensors. Try to search the problem with an special scanner tool, replace the part and in most cases the check engine light will turn off automatically.

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