Reset fuel system and light Fiat Panda

Fuel cut-off switch on a Fiat Panda. How to reset the fuel system and the lights.

It is under the driver’s seat and comes into operation in the case of a crash:

  • cutting off fuel and switching off the engine;
  • automatically unlocking the doors;
  • switching on interior lights (for about 15 minutes).

When the device comes into operation the message “FPS on” is lit on the display.

Fuel cut-off switch on a Fiat Panda

For the reconfigurable multifunction display, message “Inertial switch intervened – See Handbook” will be displayed.

Carefully inspect the car to find fuel leaks, e.g. in the engine compartment, under the car or near the tank.

If no fuel leaks are found and the car can be started again, press button A to reset the fuel system and the lights.

After a crash, remember to turn the ignition key to STOPto prevent battery rundown.

If, after a crash, you smell fuel or see leaks from the fuel system, do not reset the switch to avoid fine risk.

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