Reset fuel cut-off switch Fiat Seicento

Reset fuel cut-off switch Fiat Seicento. This is a safety cut-off switch which comes into operation in the case of an accident to block the supply of fuel thereby stopping the engine.

If, after a crash, you can smell fuel or see leaks from the fuel system , no not reset the switch to avoid fire risk.

If you cannot see any fuel leaks and the car is in a fit state to continue its journey, press button A-fig. 49 located in the engine compartment on the dashboard bulkhead to reactivate the fuel supply system, as illustrated. Remember to turn the key to STOP to avoid deploying the battery.

Reset fuel cut-off switch Fiat Seicento


2 thoughts on “Reset fuel cut-off switch Fiat Seicento”

  1. hello
    I have problem with my abarth
    it appear a problem with cut fuel off.
    Can you tell me where is the place to fix this problem pleace?

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