Reset enhanced accident response system Fiat 500

Reset enhanced accident response system Fiat 500. From year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

How to reset enhanced accident response system Fiat 500.

In the event of an impact causing air bag deployment, if the communication network remains intact, and the power remains intact, depending on the nature of theevent, the ORC will determine whether to have the Enhanced Accident Response System perform the following functions:

  • Cut off fuel to the engine.
  • Flash hazard lights as long as the battery has power or until the ignition key is turned off.
  • Turn on the interior lights, which remain on as long as the battery has power or until the ignition key is removed.
  • Unlock the doors automatically.

After the event occurs, when the system is active, the message Fuel Cutoff See Handbook is displayed. Carefully check the vehicle for fuel leaks in the engine compartment and on the ground near the engine compartment and fuel tank before resetting the system and starting the engine.

System reset procedure.

After an impact causing air bag deployment, the left and right turn signal lights, located in the instrument panel cluster, will both be blinking, until the ignition is turned off. In order to move your vehicle to the side of the road you must follow the system reset procedure.

  1. Turn ignition OFF. Turn signal switch must be placed in neutral state.
  2. Turn ignition ON. Customer will see left turn light is OFF. Right turn light blinks.
  3. Turn right turn signal switch ON. Customer will see – right turn light is ON solid. Left turn light blinks.
  4. Turn left turn signal switch ON. Customer will see, left turn light is ON solid. Right turn light blinks.
  5.  Turn right turn signal switch ON. Customer will see, right turn light is ON solid. Left turn light blinks.
  6. Turn left turn signal switch ON. Customer will see, Left turn light is ON solid. Right turn light is ON solid.
  7. Turn left turn signal switch OFF. Turn signal switch must be placed in neutral state. Customer will see, left turn light is OFF. Right turn light is OFF.
  8. Turn ignition OFF. Customer will see, system is now reset and the engine may be started.
  9. Turn hazard flashers OFF (manually).

If a reset procedure step is not completed within 45 seconds, then the turn signal lights will turn off and the reset procedure must be performed again in order to be successful.

If a deployment occurs.

The advanced front Air Bags are designed to deflate immediately after deployment.

Front and/or side air bags will not deploy in all collisions. This does not mean something is wrong with the air bag system.

If you do have a collision which deploys the air bags, any or all of the following may occur:

  • The nylon air bag material may sometimes cause abrasions and/or skin reddening to the driver and front passenger as the air bags deploy and unfold. The abrasions are similar to friction rope burns or those you might get sliding along a carpet or gymnasium floor. They are not caused by contact with chemicals. They are not permanent and normally heal quickly. However, if you haven’t healed significantly within a few days, or if you have any blistering, see your doctor immediately.
  • As the air bags deflate, you may see some smoke-like particles. The particles are a normal by-product of the process that generates the non-toxic gas used for air bag inflation. These airborne particles may irritate the skin, eyes, nose, or throat. If you have skin or eye irritation, rinse the area with cool water. For nose orthroat irritation, move to fresh air. If the irritation continues, see your doctor. If these particles settle on your clothing, follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.

Do not drive your vehicle after the air bags have deployed. If you are involved in another collision, the air bags will not be in place to protect you.

Deployed air bags and seat belt pretensioners cannot protect you in another collision. Have the air bags, seat belt pretensioners, and the front seat belt retractor assemblies replaced by an authorized dealer immediately. Also, have the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) system serviced as well.

All information how to reset enhanced accident response system is taken from Fiat 500 owners manual.


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  1. George Torcsolan

    i have a 2017 chrysler pacifica plug on hybrid
    i was in a accident and now its wont start,
    i replaced all the airbags that is blown
    the dash say repair hybrid system
    the car was hit in the right front wheel
    no damage to the engine or hybrid system
    now the manual say after an accident this will appaer on the dash.please help me start the vannif you can
    thank you

    1. For this type of a situation you need a mechanic. I can’t explain you here what the problems are.

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