Reset burned headlight bulb warning light Skoda Octavia 2

Reset the headlight bulb burned warning light Skoda Octavia 2. Made between : 2004-2010.

The warning light we are talking about looks like a sun or a bulb with with exclamation mark in it and is found inside the rpm clock.

The burnt hedlight bulb warning light appears when the a light bulb from your Skoda Octavia 2 is now working.

Reset the burned headlight bulb warning light Skoda Octavia 2

To reset the burned headlight bulb warning light you must change the bulb who has this problem and the warning light will reset by himself.

To change the burned headlight bulb on a Skoda Octavia 2 you need to remove the headlamp, to do this you must lift up the hood and then to unscrew the plastic screw located behind the headlight.

After that, down besides to corner of the headlight (bottom) it is a hook you must pull it.

Now you can remove the headlight, behind has a rubber protection covering the short beam lamp, pull out this protection.

To remove the bulb from the lamp should turn it and then pull the plug from the bulb.

After you have changed the bulb before installing headlight back check that the new bulb works.

Now go and start the engine you will see the burned headlight bulb warning light that it is still on, to reset th indicator after about 5 min stop and start the engine again, done the light is reset.


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