Reset airbag warning light BMW E91 3 Series

How to reset the SRS airbag indicator on a BMW E91.

This procedure is working for all models regardless of engine type and cubic inches.

Reset air bag indicator BMW E91 3 Series

To reset the air bag that appear on board computer display you must have a diagnostic tool, you can buy from ebay or amazon.

Under the board it is OBD jack there you will need to connect the scanner tool. See below picture.

OBD II airbag reset BMW E91 3 Series

In this tutorial i use the creader profesional crp123.

Now after you connect the car on your creader folow this steps:

Reset airbag warning light BMW E91 3 Series from obd jack

  1. First step you must select diagnose.
  2. Second hit on the scan.
  3. Now you must select the car in our casse BMW.
  4. When you have reached diagnose process select the non x3 series automatically search.
  5. On select diagnose mode go to manual select and press ok button.
  6. Now serch for SRS airbag and press ok.
  7. After that you can read fault memory to see why your indicator it is on or  you can clear fault memory to reset the airbag light.

The most common problems are belt tensione passenger, seatbelt-catch contact and communication fault seat-occupancy detector passenger. If you encounter one of these you must check the jack under the passenger seat see below picture.

Airbag OBD jack under the passenger seat BMW E91 3 Series

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