How to replace the hood on your Toyota Camry 1998

Do it yourself, remove or replace the hood on your Toyota Camry manufactured in the year 1998. You may wanna do this particular procedure if your hood is damaged or you need to repaint it. In any case, the process is simple and requires only a 12 mm socket wrench or a simple wrench of the same size and probably two people to maneuver the hood at the time you remove it.

How to replace the hood on your Toyota Camry 1998

     First of all, open the hood of your car and secure it with the prop. Now, carefully pull back the insulation under the hood, on the bottom side, near the windshield. In this way, you should get to the washer line. Pull it out slowly, disconnect the single line that comes from the bottom of the car, from the white connector marked with the red arrow below. Then, disconnect the washer line retainer on the bottom of the hood, marked with the blue arrow.

disconnect the windshield washer line behind the hood of Toyota Camry 98

     At this point you can work to unscrew the four 12 mm bolts holding the hood. There are two of them on each side, as shown in the image below.

remove the bolts holding the hood on Toyota Camry 98

     Use the wrench to remove them and then carefully rest the hood behind the windshield line, to avoid cracking the glass. With the help of the second person, after you removed all the screws, detach the hood support and then remove the hood completely. To reinstall the new one, place it on the alignment, secure it with two of the 12 mm bolts (one on each side) and lift the hood prop. Align all the bolts on the marks on the hinges, where they were installed before and, without tightening them fully, check the alignment of the hood (without closing it fully). Make sure you have the same gap on both sides of the hood, tighten the screws and reconnect the washer line to finish the repair. These are the steps you need to follow if you wish to replace the hood of your Toyota Camry made in 1998.

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