DIY, replace the hood on your Honda Civic 2003

Do it yourself, remove or replace the hood on your Honda Civic made in the year 2003. The replacement process is fairly simple and will require a 10 mm socket wrench or a simple wrench of the same size, a flat blade screwdriver and the help of a second person to better and safely maneuver the hood.

DIY, replace the hood on your Honda Civic 2003

     In the beginning of the repair, open the hood of your car and secure it with the prop. Then, you can work to unplug the washer hose from your hood. You can do it by detaching the hose from the white retainer shown in the picture below, using the flat blade screwdriver. Then, disconnect it from the junction.

disconnect the washer line from the hood of Honda Civic 2003

     Now, go to the bottom side of the hood, to the four 10 mm bolts that hold it, and make a mark on the hinges, to know their mounting position (you can see the image below).

unscrew the bolts holding the hood on Honda Civic 2003

     Use the wrench to remove all the screws and with the help of a second person, remove the hood. In order to reinstall the new one, place it on the hinges and secure it with the 10 mm bolts, finger tightened. Now align the hood precisely on the marks, where it was installed the old one and tighten the bolts. In the end, close the hood carefully, to check the alignment. Make sure you have nice, even spacing between the hood and the fenders and that the hood is seated firmly on the latch. This is all you have to do, if you need to replace the hood of your Honda Civic 2003.

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