Replace the broken glass of the right mirror on Chevrolet Vectra

Do it yourself, replace the broken heated glass of the right side mirror on Chevrolet Vectra. This particular repair is very simple and does not require special tools. You can find it useful to use a flat head screwdriver however. The replacement process should not take you more than 5 minutes.

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     At the beginning of the repair you have to remove the old and most probably damaged glass, by inserting a flat screwdriver, or your fingers behind it. We advise you to wear protective gloves and act carefully on the glass as it can break quite easily. If the glass of the mirror is still intact and you need to take it out that way for some particular reason, we recommend you to pry slowly, with patience, on the right side of the mirror, as shown in the image below. You will have more space and better grip that way.

remove the broken glass of the mirror on Chevrolet Vectra

     Remember though, applying too much force on the glass will surely damage or break it. The piece should come out eventually, because it is secured by some plastic pins. After you detach the glass, you will notice that you have to disconnect two electrical wires used for heating, as shown in the next picture.

disconnect the wires of the mirror on Chevrolet Vectra

     At the end of the repair you must install the replacement correctly. Do not forget to reconnect the electrical wires. Put the glass on the alignment and your hands as shown below and press from both directions until the piece is fixed.

install the replacement glass on Chevrolet Vectra

     These are the steps you need to follow, in order to replace the broken glass of the right mirror on Chevrolet Vectra. You can watch below a video tutorial.

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