How to replace the blower motor on Chevy GMC 1986

DIY, replace the blower motor on your Chevrolet GMC, the model made in the year 1986. This replacement will require a 6 mm socket wrench and about 15 minutes. We also recommend you to use a ratchet with a flex joint and an extension. 

     First of all, open the hood of the car. The blower motor on this car is located on the passenger’s side, under the windshield. You will have to unplug the small hose indicated in the image below and remove the 6 mm screw with the ground wire (marked with the blue circle in the middle).

     After you do it, use the socket to remove all the screws around the edges of the blower motor. We marked only two of them in the picture above, but there are five 6 mm screws that secure the motor. Be careful, because the ones at the bottom can be very difficult to undo. You may need a socket with a ratchet, extension and flex joint to get to them. After you remove all the fasteners, you can simply pull out the blower motor and install the replacement, as you can see below.

     Insert the new motor, align it as the old one and secure it with the six screws, not forgetting about that ground wire. Then, replug that small hose at the bottom and that’s it. This is all you need to know and do, if you wish to replace by yourself the blower motor on a Chevy GMC, made in the year 1986.

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