Renault Clio IV 2012-2019 change broken heated mirror glass

Renault Clio 4 IV made between the years 2012-2019 how to change heated mirror glass and OE/aftermarket codes to search and buy the mirror. A DIY tutorial on how to replace this auto part in less than two minutes.

Left side aspherical: Original OE 963669996R and Aftermarket OEM 6471178 Alkar, 60 10 37-81 Johns, RN3297514 Prasco, V46-69-0024 Vemo.

Right side convex: OE 963654973R, and OEM 6432178 Alkar, 60 10 38-81 Johns, RN3297513 Prasco, V46-69-0023 Vemo.

The procedure is the same for both the right and the left. 

  1. Press the glass like this.
  2. Put a finger behind and push the mirror out.
  3. To take out this white plug, used for the heating press on this obstacle and now you can release the plug.
  4. Position the mirror in its place.
  5. Press on it.

Video tutorial how to repair Renault Clio heated mirror glass.

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