Random access memory Fiat Marea

The Fiat Marea RAM memory is a transitional memory where data can be read and saved.

This memory is actually used to save input data temporarily so that they are available for processing and also to memorize signals for coding operating anomalies that may occur within sensors, actuators
or ECU functions. The RAM memory is divided into sections: the first volatile part, for data memorization, is enabled with ignition key in MARCIA position and deleted in STOP position. The second non-volatile part, (RAM STAND-BY) saves engine parameters and adapts them in time. In other words, the ECU uses the Lambda probe signal to modify and store an injection time correction factor that influences mixture concentration.

Self-adaptive corrections to the engine speed actuator require a continual supply from the battery in order to be maintained (memory in STAND-BY). If the battery, dual relay or terminals are disconnected, the parameters are zeroed. Normal vehicle use resets the adaptation process and new parameters are memorized.

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