Reset oil service light Volvo V60 Cross Country

How to reset oil service light on Volvo V60 Cross Country manufactured in 2015.




Turn off maintenance light Volvo V60 Cross Country

To turn off the maintenance indicator on your car, you must follow below procedure. This is similar like on Volvo V60 2010-2015.

First step is to turn ignition on, without starting the car engine.

Now you must press and hold the OK button, you can find on the lever situated on the left side of the steering wheel, see below picture.

Shut off insspection indicator Volvo V60 Cross Country

Now turn the ignition to position two all this time the OK button must hold down.

After about nine seconds you can release the OK button, in the same time the exclamation mark will start flashing.

Reset service light Volvo V60 Cross Country

Turn the ignition off wait a while and then start the car to see if the oil warning light was reset.


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