DIY mount flamethrowers on your car

How to mount flamethrowers on your car

Do it yourself, mount flamethrowers on you car, universal kit. We will show you how to do it on a car with two exhaust pipes. If you want to install flame throwers on a car with just one or with more than two exhaust pipes, just adapt our instructions.

DIY mount flamethrowers on your car

How to mount flamethrowers on your car

     To do this modification on your car, you will need the following materials: two exhaust pipes with the length and shape you desire, two spark coils, a flamethrower kit for two exhaust pipes (it should contain the main module, two spark plugs and their bolt nuts, the “push” button switch, electrical wires and some wire connectors), at least two spark plug wires with connectors on both edges, two collars to firmly mount and hold the spark coils, a drill, screws, pliers and a welding machine. The first thing you have to do is to mount the spark coils. We recommend you to choose a dry place for that, your trunk for example, and using the drill, the collars and two screws, fix the coils, as shown below. You should then drill two holes for the spark plug wires. Be careful when you drill the holes, to avoid fuel lines or other important connections beneath your trunk.

mount the coils in your trunk

     Afterwards, you can go underneath your car, to the exhaust pipes and drill two holes (one on each pipe) at about 6 to 12 inches from the exterior. In these holes should fit the nuts of your spark plugs. Weld them in place and screw the spark plugs. In the next step you should connect the spark plug wires with the coils now located in your trunk, as in the next image.

weld the spark plug nuts onto your exhaust pipe

    The final step and the most difficult is doing the wiring of the whole system. Follow the instruction on the diagram below to make the electrical connections correctly.

flamethrowers wiring diagram

     Mount the module on your trunk or in any other place where it stays dry and connect two cables from the negative poles of the spark coils to it (as the yellow cable on the diagram). Two cables go from the positive poles of the coils to your vehicle battery (green cable on the diagram). Be careful because these particular harnesses will be hot all the time. Then you have to connect one cable to the negative pole on the ignition coil of your car (red cable) and a cable to the ignition switch. The final step is wiring the “push” button by connecting a cable to its positive pole (the purple wire on the diagram) and a cable that connects its negative pole to the chassis ground on your car. Do these steps and you should be ready to go.

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