Matte paint Plasi Dip

Do you want to paint your car in matte colors, you can do these things by using Plasti Dip paint.

This paint is rubberized, matte and resist on moisture, salts, chemicals so you can wash and degrease car paint without any problems. She can resist a temperature of -34 celsius degrees and + 93 celsius degrees.

The most important colors that you cand find are: black matte, blue matte, brown matt, white matte, green matte, yellow matte.

To make myself understood this paint is a kind of sticker, difference is that it is very easy to give off from the car, without the need to heat before.

Look this exemple how this Plasti Dip paint remove from the car and in what state was the original color that was covered

What is Plasi Dip paint

The advantageis that when you paint the car you must not cover and remove the parts that you don’t want to paint.

Below you have an example of a Toyota painted with PlastiDip over the headlights.

Plasti Dip paint for hed lights

You can paint any car and motorcycle.

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