How to change the glass of the side mirror on Opel Signum

Do it yourself, change the glass of the side mirror on your Opel Signum. This model was made by Opel between the years 2003 and 2008. If you damaged the mirror and broken its glass or you just wish to replace it, you have to know that this replacement can be done very simply, in a couple of minutes. There are no tools required, only if you find it difficult to remove the broken glass, you can use hand gloves or a flat blade screwdriver.

     The first step of the replacement will be, of course, removing the old glass. As we mentioned earlier, you can do it quickly and simply, by hand, by inserting your fingers behind the glass and prying it out (see picture below).

     The glass will eventually detach from its mounting support, hanging only by two electrical wires that heat it and defrost it (see image below). Unplug them and work to install the replacement afterwards.

     The reinstall process is also simple. Plug back the two electrical wires, align the glass on the mounting support and push on it with both your hands, one on it and the other one on the plastic back of the mirror. This is what you need to do if you wish to remove and replace the glass of the wing mirror on Opel Signum. You can watch the next tutorial for detailed instructions.

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