How to replace the right mirror on a Honda Accord LX 2008-2010

Honda Accord LX 2008-2010 right mirror replacement

See this tutorial for Honda Accord LX 2008-2010 right mirror replacement.

In order to change the right mirror on a Honda Accord LX 2008-2010 you need a flat screwdriver, a star-shaped screwdriver (Phillips) and an 8 mm socket wrench. If you wish, you can use a door upholstery tool. You will find it very useful when you will try to remove the plastic cover of the speaker on the upper side of the door and when you will detach the front panel. The repair is actually quite easy. It should not take more than 20 minutes.

How to replace the right mirror on a Honda Accord LX 2008-2010

     The first step of the repair implies prying out the plastic cover of the speaker by inserting your flat screwdriver or prying tool, on the right, upper part of the piece.

remove speaker cover Honda Accord LX

     Pull carefully towards you until the plastic button behind the piece will pop up, uncovering five bolts. Two of them are holding a metal plate, and the other three are securing the mirror. You should remove the nuts shown in the picture below.

remove the bolts of the mirron on Honda Accord LX

     The one located on the left side can be more tricky, because it is pointed down making difficult the alignment of your socket wrench. If you won’t be able to remove it, you must consider detaching the front panel of the door. This can be done very easily, by prying out the small plastic cover behind the upper door handle and unscrewing the two bolts. At this point you will be able to remove the front panel by pulling towards you or using the upholstery tool, until the rivets will pop out.

remove screws of door panel on Honda Accord LX 2008-2010

     In order to take off the broken mirror you have to disconnect the electrical harness and you are done. Underneath the connector is a small clip that you have to push up and you will be able to remove the harness. Be very careful, because now your mirror (if it is still in a good shape and you want to keep it) has no nuts to secure it, just two small plastic wings, from the electrical connector. After you have installed your replacement mirror you just have to reverse the process carefully. This is all that you have to do to change the right mirror on a Honda Accord LX 2008-2010.

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