Replace mirror glass Ford Mondeo V

Ford Mondeo V prevent mirror glass to comes off

Ford Mondeo V 5 year 2012-2021 how to fix/repair heated mirror glass after he fell from the plastic support or it is broken. The easiest way is to replace this plastic support with a new mirror that is already glued to it. If the mirror detached of that black plastic no worries is a common problem with many brands for car manufacturers like Volkswagen Golf 5 and 7, Opel/Vauxhall Astra H and Corsa D, Audi A4 B8 Facelift, etc.

Replace mirror glass Ford Mondeo V

To prevent this thing, use the mirror heater only when is necessary, from time to time check if the glass is glued on the whole surface, or if is shaking when driving the car. If this happens, take off the glass carefully and you can glue it with any glue that can withstand low or high temperatures. Be careful how much glue you add because the heating in the mirror is on black plastic and if the layer is thick it will not heat the glass.

If you want to buy it these are the original and aftermarket codes:

Left side aspherical: original 5220463 Ford, aftermarket 6471457 Alkar, 1883837 Van Wezel, 310-0242-1 Tyc.

Right side aspherical: original 5220438 Ford, aftermarket 6472457 Alkar, 1883838 Van Wezel, 310-0241-1 Tyc.

Replace mirror glass Ford Mondeo V

For some vehicles, they put mirrors with a driver assistance system, in the upper left corner on the glass you will see a sign with a car, on its back is an LED that lights up to warn you not to change the road.

Left side aspherical: original 1925821 Ford, aftermarket 310-0252-1 Tyc, 1883835 Van Wzel.

Right side aspherical: original 1925818 Ford, aftermarket 310-0251-1 Tyc, 1883836 Van Wezel.

Change mirror glass Ford Mondeo V

A DIY tutorial how to change mirror glass on a Ford Mondeo Mk5.


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