Ford Focus 2010-2018 replace mirror turn signal, part codes

Ford Focus how to replace door mirror turn signal and what are the Original and Aftermarket cods for side singals, this is a very easy DIY tutorial for cars made between year 2010 and 2018.

First of all, I will leave you the codes of the signals in the mirror:

  • Left side: original 1538488, 8M51-13B383-AA, 2198 2841, 2198.2841 and aftermarket 32 12 37-95, FD4287416, 1428527, 6201405, 1882915.
  • Right side: original 1538489, 8M51-13B382-AB, 2198.2884, 2198 2884, DPA 204, and aftermarket V25-84-0031, FD4287415, 1428526.

This will be a 3 in 1 turorial because when you want to change the side signal we have to remove the mirror glass and the above cover.

  1. Put a finger behind the mirror glass and push it out, be careful not to break it, after that you must remove the two wires that are used for headint.
  2. Now you must remove the up cover, this is caught inside the mirror by two clips, to take out press the two clips down and pull the case out.
  3. With a screwdriver you have to press on the plastic part that holds the fixed signal.
  4. To remove the bulb just rotate the plug and pull it out.
  5. To put it back, reverse above steps.

Video tutorial how to replace mirror lamp turn signal Ford Focus.

This procedure works the following models and each one represents a link to which type of bulb fits in the mirror turn signal lamp.

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