Fog in headlights and taillights VW Golf 6

I bought a new Volkswagen Golf VI when winter comes after we drive with lights on the headlights and taillights they do condensation.

I encountered this problem and in summer days after i wash my Golf with cold water.

Condensation in my left headlights VW Golf VI


FOg in my right headlights Volkswagen Golf Mk6

I can not believe I better buy a used VW Golf Mk4 they are two times cheaper and three times better than My Golf Mk6, from what I understand this is the last model with headlight made from real glass (shard) and not manufactured fram plastic like Golf 5, 6 and even 7.

I have read and I researched from online forum, this problem can not be solved even if the car is under warranty, VW they do not give attention when you go with your car and show them your problem.

I saw somewhere that excuse found / invented by Volkswagen is that this is not a serious problem and headlight manufacturers Valeo and Hella they not allocate funds to change lamps.

So dear reader with the same problem as me if you do have an accident and headlight broken, I recommend to buy cheap aftermarket headlights like Depo and TYC, made in Asia Taiwan.

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