Do it yourself, change the air filter on Ford Transit Connect

DIY, change the air filter on Ford Transit Connect made between 2002 and 2013. You will require a small flat blade screwdriver to do this repair that will probably take you about 10 minutes, if you follow the next simple steps.

Replace the air filter on Ford Transit Connect

     In the beginning, open the hood of your car and look near the battery for a triangle-shape plastic cover. That is the place where the air filter is located. You will have to remove three metal safeties and a collar, all marked in the picture below.

remove the metal clamps holding the air filter Ford Transit Connect

     In order to remove the collar you can use the flat screwdriver, because it is held by a small screw. For the metal clamps, you can just use your bare hands. After you take out all of them, you will be able to remove the triangle cover and the air intake hose. This will reveal the air filter, as indicated in the next image.

Ford Transit Connect air filter

     At this point, you will be able to replace the air filter, but only after you make sure the replacement is the same. You should always make sure you acquire compatible filters for your car. To finish the repair, just reverse the instructions presented above. Place the cover back on the filter compartment and reinstall the hose, carefully, fastening its screw. That is all you need to do, in order to replace the air filter on Ford Transit Connect made between 2002 and 2013.

This are the original and aftermarket filter’s code : C 2774/3 KIT MANN, CA5929 FRAM, 1 457 433 686 BOSCH, 33-2819 K&N .

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