DIY, change the front door speaker on Ford Ranger 2001

Do it yourself, change the front door speaker on your Ford Ranger, the model produced in 2001. The replacement is fairly simple and can be done in less than 30 minutes, with a flat headed screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a 6 mm socket wrench.


     You have to open the driver’s door first and remove the front door panel, in order to get access to the speaker. So, using a Phillips screwdriver, remove two bolts located under the main door handle, marked with the red arrows in the next image. 


     After you do it, open the door handle and release the plastic cover containing the window switch module. Then, remove the three electrical harnesses shown in the picture below using a small flat blade screwdriver.


     Be careful, act gently on the connectors’ plastics, because you can brake them quite easily. Also, be advised that the connector in the middle has two small Phillips screws that you must remove before you can unplug it. At this moment, you just have to remove the last two bolts that hold the front door panel, marked below with red circles.


     Now, just lift it up and remove it from the door’s frame. You will then be able to detach the speaker, right after you remove the four 6 mm bolts that secure it and the electrical connector at the bottom. Replace the speaker and reinstall everything in its place by reversing the steps above. This is all you have to do if you need to remove and replace the front door speaker on your Ford Ranger, manufactured in 2001.


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