How to clean or replace the throttle body on Chrysler 300 2006

Do it yourself, clean or replace the throttle body on your Chrysler 300, made in the year 2006. You will require a flat headed screwdriver, 10 and 15 mm socket wrenches with extensions, carburetor spray, gloves and paper towels if you wish to clean the throttle, or a new part if you need to replace it.

     After you open the hood of your car, go to the rubber part of the intake hose and remove it by loosening the two clamps and disconnecting the sensor marked in the picture below. You can use a flat headed screwdriver to make it easier.

     Now, after you detach that part of the intake hose, you will have clear access to the throttle body. The next step you should take is to unplug the connector on the throttle, as you can see below. It has a small red safety tab that you must deactivate, using the screwdriver.

     After that, you should remove the two 10 mm nuts marked in the image below. They hold the upper side of the throttle body metal bracket. In order to detach this bracket completely, you will also have to remove two 15 mm bolts located at the bottom.

     At this point, the last thing you have to do is to remove the four 10 mm bolts holding the throttle and then detach it from the car (see below picture).

     If you wish to clean the part, use carburetor spray or other special cleaner and apply on it. Then clean it thoroughly and wipe it with paper towels or a soft cotton rag. If you just need to replace the part, install the new one correctly and secure it with the four bolts. Then, install back that metal bracket with its fasteners and plug back the connector. At the end reinstall the intake hose and the sensor on the right and you are ready to go. This is all you have to do if you wish to clean or replace the throttle body on your Chrysler 300, produced in the year 2006.

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